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Buena Gente Golf Ambassadors

Nice Ball Golf - Luis Leon

From our inaugural launch to the present day, Luis has been a steadfast supporter, integrating our polos seamlessly into his go-to course ensembles. Luis is a true ambassador who effortlessly merges sport and creativity!


Joshua Hall

From day one, Josh has been crafting captivating reels and photos that magnify our brand's essence. Joshua takes us along on his golfing journey, showcasing our latest products with unmatched passion and flair.


831 Golf - Milton Grant

In a world where tradition meets innovation, Milton stands as a true advocate, championing inclusivity and progress. Milton is a catalyst for positive change and an embodiment of golf's promising future!


Average Foreplay - Chad Fegley

Chad's irresistible blend of likability, friendliness, playfulness, and approachability aligns seamlessly with our mission, and through his content, he amplifies the very essence of Buena Gente.


Become an ambassador

Advantages of becoming an ambassador:

  • An initiation package delivered to you
  • Welcome IG story, permanently saved in our ambassadors' highlights on our profile.
  • A considerable discount code for your personal purchases
  • Possibility of enhanced discounts as you achieve milestones.
  • Your own customized discount code to actively promote the brand.
  • Exclusive access to pre-launch products and unreleased items.
  • Showcase in our dedicated ambassadors' segment on our official website.


Once you are approved

  1. Profile Enhancement:
    Add "@buenagentegolf Ambassador" to your IG profile.
  2. Newsletter Subscription:
    Subscribe to our newsletter to gain access to pre-releases and exclusive content.
  3. Account Type:
    Membership is open to public accounts only.
  4. Initiation Package:
    Once you receive your initiation package, you're all set to begin contributing!
  5. Content Creation:
    Create unique Reels, Posts, Pics, and Stories that showcase your vibrant personality.
  6. Spread the Word:
    Share BGG posts, older/past posts, products, and content from fellow members.

Membership Approval Process:

We're thrilled to witness the incredible enthusiasm from our community members. We're receiving a multitude of exceptional entries, and each one reflects the vibrant spirit of our community.

However, to maintain the high quality of our offerings and ensure the best experience for all members, we must be selective in our approvals. As much as we'd love to welcome everyone, our resources are limited by budget considerations.

Rest assured, every submission is valued and appreciated. While we cannot approve all entries, we're committed to creating a diverse and engaging community. Your dedication and passion inspire us to keep pushing boundaries.

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